Friday, March 4, 2011

It’s About “Time”

Finally finished!

As you know… I have become a ReStore junkie!

I found two drawers there on one of my excursions.


Of course, they were a little banged up…

well… let’s just say… “distressed”.

One of them got a bath and underwent some paper removal.

Then, it got a new paint job and a dose of creativity.

So… without further ado,

here it is…

from Drab


to Fab



First, I flipped the drawer around

and decoupaged a clock face on the back side.

Glued some numbers in place… (very tedious when you don’t have a template).

Placing the numbers was the hardest part and the most time consuming.

I added some extra pieces of wood for dimension.

Oh… and changed the handle.

Finally, I finished her off with wood appliques and a ruffled skirt.





I still have to work on the back… so that it can hang on the wall.


I love the way she turned out!

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I am actually considering trying to sell my creations like this…

what do you think???

Would love to hear your opinion!


  1. Oh My... You should most definitely sell your creations!! It is gorgeous..

  2. Now how did you know I was a clock hound!?!?!?! I Love it!!! Very Good Job! :)

  3. Great transformation!! You're a good problem solver just have a gift for seeing things as they can be and then figuring out how to get them there! I think people would be proud to own your creations, so if your heart is leading that way, I have no doubt you will succeed!

    Have a fun, creative weekend!

    Hugs & Blessigns,

  4. Oh I am so loving this!!

    Thanks for showing us

    barbara jean

  5. Gorgeous! You are uber talented and super original, friend!

    You have everything it takes to sell these great creations!

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!! You have such talent! I think these would definitely sell. It would be tricky to sell online simply due to shipping costs. You might consider Craigslist or setting up a booth at a local craft show

  7. Whoa! I LOVE the way your mind works girl! That is too cool. I will definately be doing that for my bedroom. Awesome job! I have this deep desire to ruffle something now.

  8. Etsy would be a good way to start testing the waters for selling your new re-purposed treasures. It's cheaper than ebay at least! Really adorable Kendra!

  9. And the way her skirt is swaying makes it look like she posed for the picture!!! OH MY! So sweet!

    And you MUST have a shop of some kind, you know, if you've got the time!!! (pun, so, intended)


  10. I'm tellin' you, girl...this just blew me right out of my computer chair. IT IS SO DANG AWESOME, I could just spit. I LOVE IT !
    And I am sitting here with several drawers, wondering what to do with them...I could NEVER do this..I just know it have given me the inspiration to TRY.
    PLEASE do open an Esty shop and sell your creations. They are so ONE OF A one else offers this style. You have such amazing ideas..
    I already have a post in draft of you and your, I have to go back and add THIS BEAUTY to it. :)))
    Will let you know when I feature you and your work ...and thanks for allowing me to do this.
    hugs, bj

  11. Kendra, this is a great project and very creative. You do such a wonderful job and have really great ideas. Loved what you did.


    Oh and you had ask about the glue I used on my cake-stand project... I thought it worked well, I have also used the E6000 on some projects and the always great gorilla glue.
    Hope that helps.

  12. I LOVE it!! That is so brilliant! I had to share on my FB page! You are so creative!!

  13. WoW! Amazing, I Love it! Yes, you should definatrly sell your creations...

  14. Love it! Clocks are a favorite of mine and the drawer is a great idea.

  15. Do it!!! the selling part, Great job Kendra.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  16. A+++! You are really on a roll these days with some GREAT things! Makes me want to pull all my drawers out and make clocks!

  17. I knew you were doing something amazing! From drab to FABULOUS! And YES! YES! YES! Sell! SEll! Sell! Kisses, Zazá

  18. I'm working on a bench project using 2 drawers and a door at Mel's Cabin...come see my progress so far...keep checking back until I'm all finished.

  19. Wonderful idea. I may have to try that sometime
    Looks great!

  20. Kendra:

    Love what you did with the drawer! Fabulous!

    Count me in as your newest follower...can't wait to see more.

    Stsrview Sonnet

  21. Oh my goodness, I think I know those drawers!!! They look just like the ones that were in the house we have, right down to the dirty heart contact paper. We took out the cabinets and had new ones built. That's amazing. They look much better now. I'm glad you found them. They travelled a little way to get to you. I wonder how. If drawers could talk...

  22. I'm visiting {and intend on following} from BJ's post today. I suppose that, after reading BJ's wonderful write up, I assumed that you had an ETSY shop :)

    Oh, yes - I am absolutely SURE that you could sell these creations. I am very impressed with your creative ambition, girl!!!

  23. Hi Kendra,
    I came over via BJ. I love your blog...its a pleasure to meet you..
    I have enjoyed reading many of your posts and have become a follower.
    You have created so many fun and one of a kind pieces for your home..I love them all.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  24. Hi Kendra! I followed you over from BJ's. Your creations are just so innovative and charming. You really must market them! I am your newest follower. Stop by and see me sometime.

    Susan and Bentley

  25. That is so cute! I just found your lovely blog via BJ's. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
    Enjoying browsing around. You are so talented!

  26. This is so great, i keep forgetting to go to my restore! Yep you do love ruffles!


  27. I just saw this on pinterest and see that you did this a few years ago...however, I would like to know if you recall where you got the numbers, the clock parts AND the really cute fabric that is the face of the clock? Thanks!

    1. Joyce... the numbers I found at a thrift store... everything else came from Hobby Lobby... and I used scrapbook paper for the face... hope that helps... I'm sure you can find wood numbers at Hobby Lobby or some craft store.


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