Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mary Janes Farm


I so enjoy Mary Janes Farm Magazines.

Just picked the Feb. and Mar. issue from our local

Tractor and Supply Store yesterday.

You see, I’m a wanna be farm girl and Mary Jane is one of my dream “enablers”.

She owns an organic farm in Idaho.

Mary Jane operates a farm school, has a bed and breakfast on her farm,

has a bi-monthly magazine and Random House books about her farm girl wisdom.


I love the information she shares with her readers…

even though I’m not a farm girl… yet.

So… I just wanted to share a snippet of her latest magazine…

I was glued yesterday as I read through it.


Ha… She had me at “Journal your Dream Farm”!


Love the Vintage Farm Graphics throughout!


She includes DIY articles in her magazine.

Mary Janes Farm magazine also includes organic recipes,

how to articles

(growing anything from indoor plants to blackberries to your own mushrooms),

inspirational stories, and even some business advice.

The list goes on and on!

Oh…And LOOK!


Sandy from My Shabby Streamside Studio is featured in there, too!!

Sandy Foster is another one of my dream “enablers"…

and of course I mean enabler in a good way!! Smile

So… if you are a farm girl or a wanna be farm girl like me…

then I recommend perusing MaryJanesFarm magazine and website.

It’s stocked full of farm girl inspiration and wisdom!

Love it!


  1. Very neat! Thanks for the link.. I will have to do some snooping around!

  2. Hi Kendra,
    Me too! I have always wanted to be a farm girl..I think were never to old to make a dream come true. MaryJane's farm is so cool and yes she is full of inspiration. Thank you for sharing her website.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. Thanks for the find! That sounds like it's right up my alley I will be checking it out for sure! I'm a farm girl wishin' I was a stay-at-home farm girl so I can do all those farm things : )

  4. That is my favorite magazine! I too am a wannabe farmer. I have that copy and have read every word. I was thinking yesterday on some pictures I'm going to cut out for journaling...and I brought home some pots on Saturday that I'm going to add patina to...and...and...and...

  5. How fun. Wouldn't it be great to spend a few hours in that little cabin? Dreamy!

  6. Oh, I am totally a farm girl wanna be. I posted a picture of my dream farm house the other day:) I have NEVER heard of this magazine now I must go and find it! Thanks for the information!

  7. Neat! I'd never heard of this! I would love to live on a farm, preferably the barn minus the livestock and the hay. A barn turned into a home would be my idea of bliss, but I would not turn down a quaint little farmhouse in the middle of field :)


  8. I have never head of this magazine. Looks very drool worthy. I will have to check out the web site. Thanks :)


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