Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ReStore Workshop Chair

As some of you know… I volunteered to help teach a workshop

at my local Habitat ReStore.

If you follow my facebook page, then you already know

we had a great turn out and it all went well!

This particular workshop was centered around redesigning and repurposing

items for home décor and practical uses.

Someone had donated a wooden chair to the store

and I used it for my hands on example.

I didn’t snap a before picture on this because 

I didn’t know I would be blogging about it.

It had been painted several times over and against the grain.

The color was a tan or medium brown color.

However, because the main purpose was to show what a fresh coat of paint

and some creativity would do… I didn’t take the time to strip it down. 

Instead, I lightly sanded it and repainted it.

I am also on this ruffle kick right now… I love them!

So… I decided to ruffle the chair!

I also made a no sew shabby chic floral pillow for it.

Here is what it looks like now…


Wouldn’t this be cute in a little girl’s room or even a nursery?


I also sewed some tie backs on the pillow.

WELL… after the workshop,

the ops manager actually gave me the chair to thank me for volunteering.

Wow!  It’s mine!

So, now I plan to remove the ruffle…

yes… you heard me right…

and strip the chair down.

When I get all that accomplished, I will post about it along with a no sew pillow tutorial.

The fabric is cute but I plan to go with a neutral color fabric, instead.

I also want to say…

Thanks for all the encouragement here and on facebook for the workshop…

I was pretty nervous

I’m not a good speaker in front of a crowd and I’m kinda shy… really!

So… thank you for checking on me and asking about it!!

And as always…

Thanks For Stoppin’ By!





  1. Bet you had a blast. Great job, keep it up.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  2. That's a great chair and you made it look absolutely adorable! Congrats on a job well done at the workshop!

  3. Oh you know I can't wait to see the new version!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you that the workshop went well! Wish we had the video!!!!!

    Are they booking you for another workshop?


  4. The chair looks awesome. I KNEW the workshop would go well. With all the talent you have, it couldn't go wrong.
    I am having a hissy fit to learn to make this pillow.:))

  5. That's really pretty...and you wanna strip it down?
    Love the pretty pillow fabric, very feminine and yes it would look darling in a little girls room.

    I never would have suspected you were shy...you probably rocked the house!

  6. What a beauty! Still trying to envision you removing the ruffle - hard to believe! I'll bet you'll soon be the star attraction at the workshops!

  7. That sounds like sooo much fun. You shy? Really? You always make me smile. The chair is adorable. You are on a ruffle kick...lol. Can't wait to see what you do to it now that it is yours.


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