Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Farm Girl Inspiration From Ruth Ann


I just love Ruth Ann from Sugar Pie Farmhouse!


(just love this pic of her)

She is such an inspiration to me.

She’s a wanna be farm girl like myself…


(except she’s much closer to her dream than I am mine.)

But that’s OK… I love her for sharing her dreams of hometown goodness

and her love for God!

I subscribe to her blog… so when I see that message in my email (like today)…

I get so excited!

She only blogs maybe 5 to 6… maybe 7??… times a year… yeah… a year.

But her blog posts are so full of goodness that you have to “gnaw” on them for a while.

Oh and the music… I love the music that accompanies her blog…

it is part of the whole wonderful Sugar Pie Farmhouse experience.

One of the songs playing… “MILK COW BLUES”…. made me laugh!

Now here’s the deal…

I’m a stay at home gal…

and Ruth Ann is always challenging me to be the best housewife I can be.


Just look at some of #3 on her list of 10 steps to a happier heart and home

from her latest post:

3. Create a Welcome Home feeling:

Make your house a place your family wants to come home to!  There is no doubt in my mind that our emotions are affected by our surroundings. Especially as women, being born with the nesting instinct, when our home is in a mess, it irritates us. It’s hard to be irritated and welcoming at the same time! We don’t want our family to feel like they have to walk  on egg shells around us!

I have a long ways to go on being a good housewife… but she motivates me to try.

It’s funny… my house gets really messy because of all my creations.

And I get overwhelmed sometimes by the mess that I alone can create.


(She uses a lot of these vintage pics in her post… Love them)

And I know that if I’m overwhelmed… well then… the hubs has to be overwhelmed.

And that’s not good.   He’s works hard and he is always helping cook and clean.

He actually loves doing it… really.   Me… not so much.

And I gotta say… he makes really good Gumbo!!  YUM!!  Smile 

But because he is out working hard and is tired when he comes home…

I need to have a comfy, clean place waiting on him.

AND just when I get to a point of being overwhelmed… 

Ruth Ann will post something… always at the right time that calms me

and motivates me to get organized and clean up the mess.

She’ll even tell me how to get started!

Thanks Ruth Ann!


I just love her!


If you haven’t been to visit Aunt Ruthie… go check out her Sugar Pie Farmhouse!

And make sure you take the time to peruse her site…

where she shares seasonal decorating tips, yummy recipes

and wholesome housewife advice.


  1. Oh yes, Kendra! I get frustrated by my own mess that I make from crafting.

    We homeschool also, so that adds more mess with books and projects.

    Our house is small so it gets overwhelming, but I try to maintain some sort of order - it's not perfect, but it works for us!

  2. Well... I'm cleaning up right now... I don't know how long things will STAY clean... but when things go awry again... that's when Ruth Ann will post and get me back on track...LOL! ....or I guess I could go "gnaw" on her post again... and get motivated!

  3. I love her blog and have followed it for quite some time now. So happy she's on Facebook now, too. She does have such wonderful tips and reminders, doesn't she? Beautiful inside and out. Have a great night, Becca

  4. Sweet post! I'll have to go check her out - sounds like she's got some great advice to keep everything in perspective. Boy do I need that!

  5. Yes, she has an amazing blog, personality and love for God. I have been a follower of hers for quite some time. I LOVE her vintage images.
    Glad you enjoy her, too.
    xo bj


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